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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy (formerly known as hydrotherapy), is a form of physiotherapy where exercises are performed in warm water. It is effective at treating a wide range of conditions: orthopaedic, rheumatology, neurological conditions to name but a few. It has many benefits and can aid rehabilitation following illness or injury, can help reduce and manage pain and improve outcomes with long term disability. The physiotherapist is specifically trained to utilise the unique properties of water for movement, exercise or relaxation. It can be used to improve movement of stiff or painful joints, strengthen weak muscles and reduce pain.


• Pain relief and reduction of muscle spasm - due to the warmth of the water and suppression of the sympathetic nervous system. 

• Reduction of oedema – due to the affect of the hydrostatic pressure and ability to move more freely. 

• Ease of movement – aided by the support of buoyancy and the reduced effect of gravity.

• Resistance to movement – reducing involuntary movements and providing an environment to strengthen weak muscles. 

• Enhanced relaxation – due to weightlessness, reduction in pain and the hypnotic quality of water. 

• Re-education of functional activities – using the rotational forces effect and ease of movement. 

• Enhanced cardiovascular fitness – opportunity for exercise. 

• Enhanced well-being – opportunity for social interaction and enjoyment. 

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